When Tanner Transmissions Does Work On Your Transmission

There Is No Guessing About Quality.

No One Has A Quality Check Like Tanner Transmissions.

Tanner Transmissions guarantee's your transmission for as long as you own your vehicle.

Quality Assurance “above and beyond” with new, proprietary technology.

Are all transmission shops alike? Is the closest one just as good as the next one down the street? Well, if they ever were, they’re not anymore.
Tanner Transmissions has created the first ever database and software application to pinpoint and measure to exacting standards every transmission performance operation. As a transmission is being rebuilt, and uniquely tested at every step in the process, database comparisons and proprietary software identify potential problems — and correct them —before they even occur.
The end result.. A 95 percent or better confidence level compared to brand new transmissions. More important, assurance to the consumer that he’s going to have the very best chance of worry-free transportation, nationwide.  Hands-down.
No other transmission or general auto shop in Utah has this capability or promise of quality.

The Process: There are certain steps every good transmission shop follows when rebuilding a transmission. The machinery is washed, basic tests are conducted, parts are ordered, assembly occurs. Everyone operates under the same OEM specifications to improve both mileage and the life of the transmission.

 Tanner Transmissions takes the process to a new level, however.

 With each transmission rebuild, a Tanner Quality Control Technician checks all clearances before the builder can move on to the next step of the assembly process. Testing is marked every one-thousandth of a second and the data is automatically compared to a database of known “good.” Any necessary component replacements can be made immediately; not a day or a week or a month later when trouble shows up.

 No other transmission or auto shop in Utah can do this.
After the valve body, or “brain of the transmission” is rebuilt and tested on the valve body tester, all of its designed operations are also compared for performance. Tanner capabilities examine closely cooler line flow, all shift cycles, solenoid, performance, pressure levels and more. Later, further unit testing performs similar assessments.

 No one else subjects the transmission to such a high level of quality control.

Hard Testing, we place your vehicles rebuilt transmission on the “Answer Matic”. The “Answer Matic” injects high pressure automatic transmission fluid into your rebuilt unit. It places automatic transmission fluid into all the components testing the clutch packs and valve body, effectively making sure there are no leaks. A microprocessor based control system monitors and controls the process, assuring that the service is properly performed. A Tanner Transmissions technician monitors this entire process.

Then, we place your rebuilt transmission on the “Dynodrome”. The “Dynodrome” machine is like having your transmission in your vehicle, only in the controlled environment of our rebuild center. Tanner Transmissions technician test your transmission as though it was in heavy city bumper to bumper traffic, starting and stopping, then we speed it up to freeways speeds, we push it to the limit, heating up your transmission so that were sure it can stand up to what ever conditions it may face in the future. A trained technician monitors all the reports that the “Dynodrome” produces. When all is checked by the "Answer Matic" and the "Dynodrome" testing machines third, a Tanner Transmissions technician performs a personal quality check of various other components to make sure all is in proper working order. Then and only then, is your transmission replaced back into your vehicle. Assuring that the most, that can be done, has been done, to ensure a quality transmission rebuild.

 The Tanner Cost / Benefit: Because its unique software sees what humans can’t, and therefore nips a problem before the customer ever gets back behind the wheel, Tanner is able to offer an ownership warranty (which includes annual power flush and servicing at no charge) and perform the work at a cost often actually lower than competitors’.
The best that other shops can do is rebuild and send the machine back out on the road.  Unable to provide a comparable level of quality assurance, their costs are often higher, building in the possibility of a return visit.
Unless your transmission is rebuilt by Tanner, there’s no way to really know how well the unit will perform or, put another way, what you’re getting for the money until you leave the parking lot. And that can end up costing you a lot more — in time and inconvenience, if not money.

At Tanner Transmissions “fixed right the first time” is not just a saying, but an everyday, in every way process to make sure your transmission repair is done right the first time.

We are the only Transmission Repair Shops in the state of Utah to put your rebuilt transmission through all these test. Why? We guarantee your transmission for as long as you own your vehicle.


Before your vehicle is returned to you our technicians and our shop manager road test your vehicle to insure that it is functioning properly and performing correctly. They make sure your safety is never compromised and you're back on the road where you belong.

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